Full Frame Close Up: A Slice of Change

Full Frame

Pizza is a perennial favorite, but who would have thought that one slice could change a life for the better? Since 2013, Mason Wartman, the owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, has witnessed the transformative power of a single slice of pizza on many of the patrons that step into his small shop.

The premise is simple; costumer’s can buy a slice for $1, but they also have the option to spend an additional buck and buy a slice for someone in need. On a daily basis, Philadelphia’s homeless community line up outside of Rosa’s to receive their free slice. Thanks to his donors, Wartman feeds nearly 100 homeless people each day. And without the struggle to find food for the day, many of these homeless diners are able to focus on other priorities – like finding employment.

In this week’s Full Frame Close Up, Mason Wartman shares some of the powerful stories of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza changing lives for the better.