Beijing warns Taipei authority not to ‘draw fire against itself’

China 24

The ties between the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan have experienced ups-and-downs. Beijing has again warned Taipei not to ‘draw fire against itself’ by taking advantage of the so-called Taiwan Travel Act being discussed in the U.S.

CGTN’s Zheng Yibing reports.

China State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office reported on cross-strait matters at its first press conference of the year. A spokesperson said the situation is “complex and severe.”

“Taiwan authorities refused to recognize the 1992 Consensus,” Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said. “Some are indulged in ‘separating from China’ policies, engaged with “pro-independence” forces, and impeded cross-Strait exchanges”.

Despite the obstacles mentioned, Mr. Ma praised some achievements last year. Among them, Mr. Ma referred to the people-to-people exchange especially. In 2017, Veteran Taiwanese soldiers marked the 30th anniversary of cross-Strait exchanges by visiting relatives on the mainland.

Around 8.78 million trips were made across the strait in 2017, including a record high 5.87 million trips that originated in Taiwan, 2.49 percent more than the year before. Beijing rolled out more than 20 new policies, aiming to help Taiwanese people who live, work or travel to the mainland.

The Taiwan affairs office said the recently opened the northbound M503 route in Taiwan Strait will not affect the people living on the island. The office also advised Taiwan authorities not to take advantage of a so-called Taiwan Travel Act that was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ma Xiaoguang emphasized that the mainland will continue to promote the peaceful development of Cross-Strait relations, boost social and economic ties across the Taiwan Strait, and create benefits for cross-Strait compatriots.

But all are based on one prerequisite. The office said that the new year will witness the Chinese mainland unswervingly upholding the one-China principle, and 1992 Consensus, and opposing all forms of “Taiwan Independence.”

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