Chinese automakers GAC unveils new models with eyes set on US market

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Chinese auto company GAC unveiled not just one but two cars at the North American International Auto Show.

One was an electric concept car called the Enverge which will have a driving range of 370 miles.

The other, a sedan car called the GA4, that will be available in China later this month. It comes as the company confirmed it would enter the U.S. market later next year.

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports on the GAC showcase.

“We have decided to enter the U.S. market, not only because it is the second largest market but also because during this process, we will have opportunities to further challenge ourselves and improve ourselves,” GAC Motor President Yu Jun said. “So we believe that after we successfully launch in the North American market we can expand further to other overseas markets.”

The company demonstrated its full range of cars in Detroit. There are still issues to address including U.S. safety hurdles and the question over dealerships and distribution. But many here were impressed by the vision.

“The presence of GAC here showcases that Chinese companies are excelling themselves,” said Hong Lei, Consul General for the People’s Republic of China in Chicago. “They would like to tap the potentials of the international market including the North America market. And I think they are making very solid steps in reaching their aim.”

The excitement generated by GAC at this Detroit Motor Show is clear to see. But the hard work starts now not least winning over an already competitive U.S. market. But for the watching journalists, the Chinese company would appear to have caught the eye.

“Well we’ve heard for years that Chinese companies are going to enter the U.S. market,” said New York Times Auto Reporter Neal Boudette. “And I think we now have an answer, a pretty definitive answer as to when that’s going to happen. That’s 2019. They said they want to come to this market they want to build up a network that have the vehicles they want to sell. So I think this is a pretty definitive plan.”

This show by GAC has attracted the auto world’s attention. It’s a first step into the U.S. market. Time will tell where that path will lead.

Fen Zhang discusses GAC’s strategy to break into the American market