CPC passes proposal to include Xi’s Thought into state Constitution

China 24

China’s top Party leadership is proposing President Xi Jinping’s new ideas be included in the state Constitution. It’s the first state Constitutional amendment proposal in 14 years. He has called for a ‘New Era’ for the country with more-balanced development.

CGTN’s Zheng Yibing reports.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) proposed to write Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into the Constitution. Major theoretical achievements, principles and policies adopted at the 19th CPC National Congress should also be incorporated. And reform in China’s national supervision body is stressed, to strengthen the Party and the country’s self-discipline.

The meeting’s communique said the amendment should affect only part of the Constitution. This is to ensure its consistency, stability and authority. It said it is essential to take the opportunity to advance law-based governance.

The current Chinese Constitution was adopted in 1982. It has had four amendments. The first permitted the private sector of the economy exist and develop within prescription of law. The second amendment replaced practices of the previous planned economy with a socialist market economy. The third clarified the principle of governing the country under the rule of law. The last emphasized protecting citizens’ lawful private property.

Principles for the current amendment include upholding CPC leadership, a path of justice of socialism with China characteristics, a correct political stance, strict legal guidance and procedures, and a full democracy.

The amendments to the Constitution will go through a very strict process to be legalized. After members of National People’s Congress propose the draft amendments to parts of the constitution, the amendments will be explained at the annual session of National People’s Congress in March and a vote will take place to legalize the changes.