Non-Profit ‘CGCC’ bridging gap between Chinese and Americans

China 24

Some non-profit organizations are promoting exchanges between Chinese and Americans. In the United States, the China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) has been working towards this goal.

“In the past 12 years, CGCC has been striving to realize the value of connecting people, building business, and to make it a platform for effective dialogues and bridging the gap in US-China economic relations,” Xu Chen, the Chairman of CGCC, said at a Chinese Lunar New Year Gala in New York.

He also said, “…today we are excited to announce that CGCC will take one step further establishing CGCC’s strategic advisory council.” The new council will serve as a bridge-building partner of the Chinese-American business communities.

Founded in 2005, CGCC-USA has been recognized as the largest non-profit organization representing Chinese enterprises in the United States. Its membership consists of more than 1500 Chinese and non-Chinese companies. 55 CGCC members are ranked on the 2017 Fortune Global 500.