China at forefront of 5G wireless technology

China 24

As our world moves faster, tech companies are trying to keep up.

The answer may lie with fifth generation or “5G technology.”

Now, it’s a global race to build this communication network, with China at the forefront.

CGTN’s Frances Kuo reports.

“5G” – what many are betting is the next step in wireless technology.  How will it be a step up from the current 4G?

The goal is to provide significantly faster wireless connection, not just for computers and phones.

5G technology could be used for everyday objects, from dog collars to home appliances. 

So could driverless cars, according to Telecom giant Huawei.

“We have done plenty of experiments on connected cars and have cooperated with automakers on plenty of projects, including autonomous driving and 5G-assisted autonomous driving,” Tong Wen, Huawei’s chief scientist for 5G Research and Development said.  “We have been working with many of the top auto manufacturers at home and abroad in this regard.”

Huawei is among the Chinese firms working on 5G.

It completed the second phase of a 5G technical performance last year, with a large-scale test in the next few months.

The ultimate goal is to start construction on the network in 2019.

But any snags will have to be worked out along the way.

“Each industry requires a solution, and the solutions for different industries will be quite different, depending on operating and business models,” said Wang Zhiqin of the China Academy of Information & Communications Technology. “Certain legal and policy environments will also be necessary.”

According to research company CCS Insight, China is expected to lead the 5G technology pack, ahead of major players including the U.S., Republic of Korea and Japan.

Research suggests that by 2023, there will be one billion users of 5G, half of them in China.

Edison Lee discusses China’s 5G wireless revolution