China supports expansion of car-sharing throughout the country

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China supports expansion of car-sharing throughout the country

China is now supporting car sharing, as a way to help solve the country’s traffic woes. The government is giving full backing to plans to expand the service.

CGTN’s Elaine Reyes has details.

In hopes of driving development, China is pushing to expand the car sharing market.

“China’s urban traffic management has entered a new era, featuring shared services,” said Liu Xiaoming, China’s Vice Minister of Transport. “The mobile internet is driving reform and upgrades of the entire traffic system.”

Some call this new era the “sharing economy.” China supports the idea of people using their phones to find, or give, a ride–as long as the cars are licensed or registered.

“We will further regulate shared use of private cars and promote healthy development of services,” said Liu. “We will encourage networked, large-scale branding development of the automobile rental industry and promote innovative development.”

More than 80 Chinese cities now have registered car sharing services, and they boast at least eight million active users. A survey in 2015 showed most people use car sharing apps to get to work. That’s followed closely by people going out for social gatherings or transferring to other modes of transportation.

That same survey showed most people who use car sharing apps hail a ride at least once per month, with one in four people using the services at least once a  week.

One of the biggest priorities beyond regulation is encouraging more shared rides in electric vehicles. That will help reduce congestion on the roads, as well as in the air.

Alex Moazed talks about the growth of car sharing in China

CGTN’s Elaine Reyes talks with Alex Moazed, author of the book, “Modern Monopolies”, about the growth of the car sharing industry.