From Peruvian street acrobats to dance professionals

Americas Now

Peru is not generally known for its ballet dancers. But ballerina Vania Masias is making a big difference in the lives of young Peruvians with artistic talent.

She’s started a dance academy to provide classes for kids who may not be able to afford them. It’s not only increasing their self-esteem but their opportunities for the future as well.

For our Game Changer on “Americas Now” meet dancer, choreographer and the founder of D1 dance company Vania Masias.

Vania got her inspiration for the dance school when she saw kids doing acrobatics on the streets of Lima.

Vania Masias’ D1 company has toured London and New York showcasing homegrown Peruvian talent. And back in Peru, D1 has been recognized for helping turn urban street kids into local leaders.