‘Sea of Light’ illuminates Seaport District in New York City

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'Sea of Light' illuminates Seaport District in New York City

For much of the winter in New York City, an art installation only accessible by night has created quite some buzz. Some say it’s like dancing under the sea among luminescent corals, while others say it’s like a walk among the stars.

CGTN’s Liling Tan heads downtown to the South Street Seaport to see it for herself.
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The pulse of the city by night.

An immersive art and light installation, the Sea of Light beats to the rhythm of our movement, and transforms New York City’s Seaport District into a cosmic wonderland.

Alexander Green, Lead Artist: The sort of simple notion, which is the winter sun. it’s so cold and dreary in New York, we wanted to make something that was inviting and warm and made people want to gather around it.

Alex was inspired by the stars that once guided sailors navigating their way here.

The glowing acrylic spheres are lit by LED bulbs, and activated by thermal cameras that track our heat signatures.

“Here we can actually see the result of the thermal cameras tracking people. All these little blue things with the lines are people walking throughout the Seaport.”

The music and movements strike chords among visitors, warmed by the glow on this cold winter night.

Even we couldn’t resist the dancing light.

“It’s fun to watch the process of discovery, when they’re like oh is that responding to me? Oh wait I’m gonna back, I’m gonna go forward. Yeah. it’s responding to me.”

Sea of Light is on display until March, and comes to life every evening at 5:30 pm.