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Join CGTN correspondents Yasmeen Alamiri and Dan Williams as they bring online and on-air coverage of American football's biggest game.

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‪The NFL is expanding its reach internationally, including to China. For #SBLII that means inviting Kris Wu to perform at a Super Bowl event, among other initiatives. We take a look at the NFL, going international. #SBLIICGTN ... See MoreSee Less


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One day before #SBLII Kris Wu talked about being in Minnesota, his love of football, and being the first Chinese artist to perform at a Super Bowl event. #SBLIICGTN ... See MoreSee Less


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proud of him👏👏


this is you boy KrisWu from China

I'm full of ye ye ye.


my boy😘😘😘😎

kris,love you

a cool boy who likes music and sports

My boy💋

My posting regarding CHINA censoring the dance troupe Shen Yun (performing around the world) has been marked as "spam" - a direct violation of America's FIRST AMENDMENT rights. Please look at "Reply" where I'll try to post the link again. This dance troupe beautifully tells the TRUTH of China's history. ALL Gov'ts (most, anyway) have historically committed grave crimes. In addition beautiful cultural movements are censored by China - even spiritual and meditation historic and present practices - as China deams itself "atheist". It does not allow free thinking and practice which is positive and good!! SHAME on you, China, you are spoiling the GOOD that you are doing now!!!

My posting about the artistic Dance Troupe SHEN YUN was removed. It tells the glorious (and not so glorious) history of China... and features its spiritual movements past and present. CHIINA censors!!


Anyone reading this - realize that China is barring beautiful artistic expressiong (SHEN YUN) because it shows the good and BAD of China's history... and bars info about a spiritual, meditation practice that is HARMLESS and helpful (because China's Gov't forces an essentiall ATHEIST society). We HUMANS have the right to believe in and read freely. CHINA did this kind of censorship on the fine and brilliant artist AI WEI WEI, too! China-----don't spoil what good you're doing now by censoring FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSION!!


His music is really hot!!!🔥I love him so much!!😍😍😍



love KrisWu

Kris's no doubt a face representing the youth of China, he's a motivator.👍👍👍

he always the pioneer of the generation he is unique and precious

so cool boy🔥🔥🔥


It's the first time Chinese artist versus the NFL.

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Kris Wu is the first ever Chinese artist to perform at a Super Bowl event. He performed one day before #SBLII in Minneapolis. #SBLIICGTN ... See MoreSee Less


Kris Wu performs at Super Bowl event in Minneapolis


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Kris Wu is dope!👍🏻

my boy🔥🔥🔥

i love kris.❤

That's my boy, Kris Wu

Which song is this ?

Kris is taking over the stage! He is soooooooo dope💥💥💥

love him~

kris wu

love you Kris!!!!


proud of him


Kris wu😘😘

Kris Wu




love kriswu ❤️❤️❤️

Kris Wu's music is so dope that he attracts all the attention! Really looking forward to his new album set for next year👍👍
#kriswu #wuyifan #superbowl #superbowllive #superbowlweek #superbowl2018 #galaxyfan #Minnesotasuperbowlweek

Perfect performance.#KrisWu

Love Kris

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Kris Wu is the first ever Chinese artist to perform at a Super Bowl event. He performed one day before #SBLII in Minneapolis. #SBLIICGTN ... See MoreSee Less


Kris Wu takes stage in Minneapolis on eve of Superbowl


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He's Canadian. And we don't need a Chinese version Justin Bieber🙄

so coollllllll our superstar Kris Wu from China!

Kris Wu be representin so hard!

Npib Yaj your Kao Moua lol

So proud of you kris!👍🏻

Kris Wuuuu!!! Love you so much.❤❤❤

proud of him wowwww

International superstar! Much appreciate

He is sooooo nice, he never forget those fans who are not around there but all around the world😭💞

my boy kris wu~

so proud of my boy~first chinese artist on this stage~

Kris Wu always says he loves China and he is proud of being a Chinese.So now i proud of him.✨

Kris!you did a great job!love u,my boy!❤


pretty cool


My boy Kris Wu


Kris wu so cool~

The cooool guy Kris Wu recently became the first and only Chineses singer to have topped the iTunes charts with his single Deserve (feat. TravisScott)!So proud of him~#kriswu #wuyifan #superbowl


Proud of Kris Wu.

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‪Protests have shaken the NFL, and gotten criticism from President Trump, among others. Now, ahead of #SBLII Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins told CGTN he is ending his protest, but believes that those who have protested for their beliefs are “more American” than anyone Trump knows.‬#SBLIICGTN ... See MoreSee Less


Protests rock the NFL ahead of Super Bowl LII


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Everyone has the right to protest but sports is not the place for it.

‪It’s clear that #SBLII is good for the area that gets to host the major sporting event. But how good? Preliminary estimates are in the hundreds of millions. #SBLIICGTN ‬ ... See MoreSee Less


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Two days ahead of #SBLII we are in Minneapolis, Minnesota braving the freezing temperatures to discuss what goes into covering such a major sporting event that will be viewed by millions. #SBLIICGTN ... See MoreSee Less


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NOTE: Our Facebook Live was interrupted because of the extreme cold! Thank you for tuning in. We will continue to keep you updated here on this FB page and on Twitter CGTN America.

Tell us where are you watching from

That’s my daughter, so proud!

Alpha crazy today out there in that cold weather like that

Lot of love to 2 awesome women covering the
Super Bowl for CGTN!

I always enjoyed your news and documentary channel and CGTN Africa




Watching straight from Tripoli

How are you friend

Watching from the Philippines 🙋




منور ه






South Carolina here




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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks about his trip to China, calling it “one of the great trips of my life.” The Patriots are playing the Eagles this weekend in #SuperBowl52 #SBLIICGTN
Credit: CGTN America’s Kaitlin Delacruz Cothron
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The citizens and their government are good, hard working, peace loving people.

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