Naval medic Andres Llarena recalls the rescue of 33 miners in Chile

Americas Now

The whole world was watching in 2010 when 33 miners became trapped 700 meters below ground for over two months. A Chilean naval officer who helped rescue them recalls the saga for “Americas Now.”

The miners were buried in a collapsed copper mine in Chile before being brought to safety after 69 grueling days. The 33 miners endured claustrophobia, underground heat and near-starvation. There is no reported case of anyone being trapped beneath the earth for so long.

But miraculously, every man in the group emerged alive. The rescue was one of the most challenging ever attempted. Never has there been an effort undertaken to save human beings at such a low depth.

One of the men who played a key role in that rescue operation was a Naval Medic named Andres Llarena. He sat down with “Americas Now” to recount the recovery mission.