Valentine’s Day no-no’s to avoid in China

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Valentine's Day gifts to avoid in China

People around the world are celebrating their loved ones on Valentine’s Day on Wednesday.

Gifts are a big part of the day.

Picking just the right one is particularly important in China.  CGTN’s Frances Kuo reports.

When it comes to gift-giving on Valentine’s Day in China — there are some definite no no’s.

For example, the umbrella.

The Mandarin translation is ‘san,’ which sounds similar to the Chinese word meaning ‘collapse.”

Not a good word to use when you’re talking about relationships.

And, forget the fruit — or more specifically, the pear.

In Mandarin, it translates to ‘li’ which sounds like the verb to leave someone behind.

Skip the shoes.  The symbolism there is you may use them to walk — or run — away from your loved one.

Clocks and watches are also not a good idea. They signify the end of something.

And finally, flowers are a nice touch but only certain kinds.

Ditch the Chrysanthemums — they’re usually reserved for funerals.

As is universal, it’s safer to stick with the cards, flowers, and a nice dinner.