Recipe for Life: Janet Cam

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During Spring Festival, which marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, it is customary to prepare dishes that symbolically bring blessings for the year ahead. Chinese families around the world sit down to meals of noodles (for happiness and longevity) and dumplings (for wealth). One of the most symbolic foods served during Chinese New Year is fish (to increase your prosperity in the new year). As we celebrate this year’s Spring Festival and kick-off Year of the Dog, this week’s Recipe for Life features a steamed fish recipe shared by food and wine consultant Janet Cam.

Through her culinary consulting firm, Janet Cam is devoted to creating nutritious meals for clients. But despite all of her professional success, life hasn’t always been easy for Janet. She began her career in fashion, despite her parents’ disapproval. This commitment to following her passion created division in Janet’s family. But, now she is able to share the food and life lessons of her Chinese upbringing with the world.