“Art-of-Motion” shows off artists on autos

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“Art-of-Motion” shows off artists on autos

It’s like combining a trip to at the car dealership with a visit to a hip art gallery. An exhibit called “Art-of-Motion” shows off the work of artists who use the unlikely medium of cars as their canvas.

CGTN’s Kevin McAleese has a up-close look.
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What could be better than combining automobiles and art?

The “Art of Motion” exhibit showcased the work of a number of talented artists working their magic on car exteriors.

With Some styles resemble the street art that’s become popular around the globe.

Artist Shawn Perkins painted a 2018 Kia Stinger.

“I was pretty excited when I found out it was a Stinger being a new model. I was anxious to get started and to see the car in general,” Perkins said. 

Muhammad Ali is proudly displayed on the hood.

A reference to the famous saying “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

“Everybody knows the famous boxer. He was so charismatic with his quotes and that’s probably of his most famous quotes. Definitely thought it was great so I started with that on the hood and kind of just playing off that around the vehicle.”

Perkins normally paints with oil and acrylics on a flat canvas, which, he says, is easy to control

The curves and angles of a vehicle present many obstacles for an artist who likes to paint with straight lines.

But Perkins says he enjoys the challenge.

“I’ve painted on all types of surfaces. I’ve done murals on brick. Also painted other vehicles like food trucks. I even did a refrigerator before.”

The artistic autos drew a lot of attention at the Washington D.C. Auto Show.

And are now being used as promotional tools for the auto makers and the artists.