Recipe for Life: Toli Moli

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Chef JoJo Law-Yone fondly remembers enjoying falooda as a child in Myanmar. The sweet, layered dessert drink is sold by street vendors throughout Southeast Asia. 

After immigrating to the United States, chef JoJo, together, with her daughter Simone Jacobson, established “Toli Moli” and introduced Washington, D.C. to this luscious dessert.

But, as chef JoJo shows us, her falooda shop serves up more than just the sweet treat — it’s the foundation for the dreams of the next generation of her family. In this week’s Recipe For Life, chef Jojo and her daughter Simone show Asieh Namdar how to make a traditional Burmese dish, coconut mushroom soup, and share the joy that food has brought to them and their customers.

Try chef JoJo’s Coconut Mushroom Soup recipe at home.