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Join CGTN correspondents Lisa Chiu and Owen Fairclough as they bring online and on-air coverage of one of the biggest cultural gatherings in the U.S.

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CGTN's Lisa Chiu visited the Chinese band FAZI / 法兹乐队 just moments before their #SXSW premiere at 3TEN Austin City Limits Live. Check out the band in this 360-degree video singing one of their earliest songs "Control" (控制) a capella.

Part of the song reads:
Time, will you still wait for me?
Time, can you still control me?
Control, I control, I control you.
Control, I control, I control myself.

Listen to "Control" with music:

And stay tuned to an upcoming CGTN report by Owen Fairclough featuring Fazi. #sxsw2018 #sxswcgtn
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CGTN's Lisa Chiu visited a workshop at #SXSW that focused on the deliberate task of hand lettering by Brooke Robinson at Goodtype and Adam Vicarel at Vicarel Studios. See how people are practicing drawing their letters to improve their skills in tech, film, music, and government. #SXSW2018 #SXSWcgtn ... See MoreSee Less


With more than 90 countries represented at #SXSW, the city of Austin teamed up with the festival to help create 11 special "houses" during the event. CGTN's Mike Miller visited a few of them to see what message they hoped to share with the world's top tech, film, and music gurus. #sxsw2018 #sxswcgtn GdayAustralia Visit Peru ... See MoreSee Less


CGTN is live at #sxsw for a New Orleans second line parade with the Preservation Hall jazz band to celebrate the viewing of the documentary “A tuba for Cuba”. #sxswcgtn ... See MoreSee Less



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What is hopping

I'm not getting any sound!!!



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CGTN's Lisa Chiu spoke to Rise Against Hunger at #sxsw to see how they are using the labor power of SXSW festival and convention goers to make meal packets to communities overseas. They hope to make 20,000 meal packs by the end of the convention. #sxswcgtn ... See MoreSee Less


Watch our simultaneous Facebook Live and on-air broadcast at #SXSW. Global business is now live (twice) with CGTN's Owen Fairclough. #sxswcgtn ... See MoreSee Less



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The bright light is necessary because Owen Fairclough is about to go live to TV. Stay with us and he'll give the FB audience a shoutout.

That sound in the background btw, is Facebook's own Facebook live which is happening behind us.

Are you curious about #SXSW? Ask your questions for Owen Fairclough here.



I in movie's in india

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CGTN's Owen Fairclough is reporting from #SXSW for an all week access to the music and business happenings at the festival. Stay tuned to CGTN America's social media to follow all of our coverage. #sxswcgtn ... See MoreSee Less



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The United States Patent and Trademark Office unveiled a new design of its patent grant cover at #sxsw #sxsw18. It's only the second time in the last 100 years the document was updated. The document is what's issued to every patent holder in the United States and the new look will start being issued when the office gets its 10 millionth patent -- which it expects will happen sometime this year. #sxswcgtn ... See MoreSee Less


CGTN America's Lisa Chiu met Kuri, a new robot pet from @mayfieldrobotics at #SXSW #SXSW18. For $899, she will beep, bloop, and take pictures of your house and send them to you. You can also speak to your real pets while you're away from home through Kuri. #sxswcgtn ... See MoreSee Less


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