The Iraq War, 15 years later, through the eyes of Iraqi-Americans

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Where is home? Is it the place you come from, or the place you now live?

On March 19, 2003 a U.S.-led military coalition invaded Iraq under the auspice of destroying weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence behind the WMD claims proved to be untrue. But, the subsequent war and instability forced thousands of Iraqis to leave the country.

These are the stories of a few Iraqis who left Iraq because of the war, and are now living in the U.S.

Taif Jany left Iraq following threats against his family. A serendipitous scholarship opportunity gave him the chance to come to the U.S. to go to college.

Yosra Altahan left Iraq for a short vacation to Jordan with her family… and then the Iraq War broke out, and she has not been back since. This is her story.

Iraqis continue to flee due to conditions at home.
Iraqi refugees to the U.S. by the numbers:

What did Iraq look like before 2003?