Next-gen technologies a focus at China Development Forum

China 24

Trade tensions between Beijing and Washington are topping the agenda at the China Development Forum, but topics including technology and innovation remain a focus.

CGTN’s Xu Xinchen reports.

Almost one billion Chinese are now online, spending an average of 3 to 4 hours a day surfing the web. And as fewer and fewer people remain offline, the focus is beginning to shift to new technologies, such as autonomous driving, that rely on data collected from the internet.

“Right now, autonomous driving has not yet hit open roads, but the development is moving really fast,” according to Baidu co-founder Robin Li. “We are expecting that in 3 to 5 years, driverless vehicles can be driven on regular roads.”

Data collected from the web helps advance technologies such as driverless vehicles, but there are concerns. Corporations control about 80 percent of global data, including personal information and financial records. How this data should be used, and how to protect privacy, remains a very important ethical dilemma.

Research shows that Chinese society holds a more open attitude towards artificial intelligence. With huge Chinese desire for better lives, innovation is the key to opening doors into the Chinese market. However, as machines continue to learn from humans and be more like humans, executives from top global tech firms also believe these technologies need to be handled carefully.

Jennifer Chen discusses US-China trade tensions

Trade tensions between Beijing and Washington are topping the agenda at the China Development Forum. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended the gathering in Beijing, where he met economists and investors from around the globe. He repeated China’s position that a trade war with the U.S. will benefit no one, and the issue should be addressed through negotiations. Li also pledged China would treat foreign and domestic firms equally. Jennifer Chen, U.S. Bureau Chief for the Shenzhen Media Group, discusses with CGTN’s Mike Walter.