Tree-planting in Beijing encourages foreigners and locals to work together

China 24

Beijing is encouraging people to make a difference for the environment, one branch at a time. The city brought tourists and locals together for an annual tree-planting.

CGTN’s Rory Coen takes us on a tour of the trees in China’s Cherry Valley.

As a Chinese saying goes, “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” In Cherry Valley, that sentiment couldn’t be more true. This year’s tree-planting activity isn’t just a bonding one for foreigners in China. It also allows participants to be in touch with nature.

Beijing has encouraged tree planting activities and environmental protection in recent years. According to the Bureau of Parks and Woods, tree coverage accounted for 43-percent of Beijing’s area in 2017. This year, over 1 million people from different fields and countries took part, in order to protect the living environment.

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