Wordsmiths compete in Venezuelan National Scrabble Competition

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Wordsmiths compete in Venezuelan National Scrabble Competition

Scrabble players of all ages are picking their tiles as they get ready to compete in the first Venezuelan National Scrabble Competition of the Year.

Scrabble is an 80-year-old board game where players create words out of tiles which are assigned a point value. Venezuela has won seven world cups of Spanish Scrabble, in the team competition.

CGTN’s Rachel Silverman takes you to the competition. 

The Venezuelan Association of Scrabble created special software to compile more than 600 thousand valid words for Scrabble in Spanish. Venezuelan Players say that’s just one reason behind their success.

Venezuela’s deep economic crisis has forced many players to leave the country but those who remain say they’re determined to keep on winning, even if it means getting to the championships without any government support or private sponsorship.

The Venezuelan team has won the team competition every year since 2013 and these Venezuelan scrabble players expect their team will still be number one after this year’s cup is held in Mexico in November.