Russia watches Korean Summit closely with hopes for progress

World Today

The Korean summit are being closely watched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CGTN’S Julia Lyubova reports on Moscow’s reaction.

Moscow said it welcomed the summit between the DPRK and South Korea.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said Moscow hailed any dialogue between Pyongyang and Seoul.

He also said that Moscow hopes a military scenario could be avoided on the Korean Peninsula.

Moscow hoped that the summit would improve the situation in the region.

Russia called for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and said it is important to start a dialogue.

Moscow called for Pyongyang to stop its missile tests and at the same time called on South Korea and the United States to stop their joint military drills.

Russia also welcomed a possible meeting between the DPRK’s leader and the U.S. President, and, hoped it would give start to the denuclearization process.

However, Moscow said previously that it would not invite Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong-un on Russian territory.

Moscow said it shouldn’t interfere or get involved in such a meeting in any way.

Russia said it would be happy to join wider negotiations on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, together with China, and Japan, in the future.