Full Frame Close Up: Putting His Best Paw Forward

Full Frame

As National Pet Month continues, so does our roll out of Full Frame’s fun (and inspiring) pet stories. This week we head to Sterling, VA and meet Derrick Campana, the founder and CEO of Animal Ortho Care; the only company in the United States that offers, semi-custom, and customizable braces and prosthetic limbs for animals.

Derrick started his career creating prostheses for humans, but in 2004, a veterinarian asked him to create a prosthetic for a dog and it was a huge success. Since then he’s helped nearly 20,000 animals; 90 percent have been dogs, but he’s also helped sheep, goats, deer, camels, bald eagles, and even two elephants in Thailand that lost their limbs stepping on land mines in Myanmar.

Check out Derrick Campana and all the animals he’s saved in this week’s Full Frame Close Up.