Iran officially condemns Israeli strikes inside Syria

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This photo provided early Thursday, May 10, 2018, by the government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media, shows missiles rise into the sky as Israeli missiles hit air defense position and other military bases, in Damascus, Syria. The Israeli military on Thursday said it attacked “dozens” of Iranian targets in neighboring Syria in response to an Iranian rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, in the most serious military confrontation between the two bitter enemies to date. (Syrian Central Military Media, via AP)

Iran is lashing out against “Israeli aggression”. It’s the first official reaction from Tehran, after Israel attacked Iranian targets inside Syria. Israel said it was responding to rocket attacks against military positions in the occupied Golan Heights. CGTN’s Stephanie Freid reports from Tel Aviv.

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Iran says Syria has every right to defend itself against Israel – TV

Iran on Friday supported Syria’s right to defended itself against Israel’s aggression, state TV reported, accusing the international community of remaining silent over Israel’s attacks on Tehran’s key regional ally.

“Iran strongly condemns …(Israel’s) attacks on Syria. The international community’s silence encourages Israel’s aggression. Syria has every right to defend itself,” the broadcaster quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi as saying.

Israel said it had attacked nearly all of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria on Thursday after Iranian forces fired rockets at Israeli-held territory for the first time, in the most extensive military exchange ever between the two adversaries.


Reuters staffers Parisa Hafezi and John Stonestreet contributed to this report.