Sea trials begin for China’s (still unnamed) second aircraft carrier

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CHINA SECOND AIRCRAFT CARRIER NAVYChina’s second aircraft carrier launches from Dalian, China for sea trials on Sunday, May 13. 1995-2018 © Vision China

After weeks of delay, China’s first home made aircraft carrier set out for sea trials Sunday.

CGTN’s Su Xiaoxiao has more.

The sea trials are aimed at testing the reliability and stability of the ship’s propulsion and other systems.

China’s current on-duty aircraft carrier Liaoning is a refitted Soviet Union-made vessel. Compared with Liaoning, the new carrier has more space on deck, can carry more fighter jets, and has a more advance radar system.

Hu Wenming is General Director of China’s first homemade aircraft carrier project, and said his team members’ average age is only 36. He hopes the young team can contribute more to the country’s future aircraft carriers.

Neither Liaoning nor the new unnamed carrier is nuclear powered.

China has devoted more spending for its military in recent years.  This comes as we’ve seen an increased U.S. Navy presence in the South China Sea and escalating tensions across the Taiwan straits. Beijing says its military policy is defensive and plans to develop more advanced weapons to protect its territory.  

The new aircraft carrier is expected to be formally commissioned by 2020.