55th anniversary of African Union celebrated in Beijing

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55th anniversary of African Union celebrated in Beijing

African diplomats in China celebrated the 55th anniversary of the African Union’s establishment in Beijing.

The Rwandan ambassador to China said he expects the two nations to remain friendly.

Rwanda is one of the countries that have benefited from China’s help.

“I think Rwanda and China have enjoyed very good corporations for quite a long time, and we’ll see this continue,” Charles Kayonga, Rwandan ambassador to China said.

China has maintained close political relations with African nations for more than half a century. This has resulted in the rapid development of economic and trade relations, and better coordination in international affairs. Cao Jianming, vice chairman of the Chinese National People’s Congress Standing Committee expressed appreciation for Africa’s international contributions.

“Despite some prominent external risks and uncertainties, Africa today is pressing ahead with great drive and vibrancy,” Cao said. “No matter how the international landscape changes, Africa always speaks with one voice on major regional and international issues and is making greater contributions to growing the collective strength and safeguarding the common interests of developing countries.”

Cao also said China and Africa have the same goals, and both sides want to promote peace and development. He said Africa will always have a good friend in China.

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