Nearly 10 million students taking ‘gaokao’ in China

China 24

Nearly ten million students in China are taking the exam of their lifetime. It’s that time of year for the National College Entrance Exam – or Gao-Kao. The test not only affects students, but the entire country.

CGTN’s Sun Ye explains.

They’ve crammed for the test for at least a year, and they’re often told it’s a make or break time, determining whether they get into their dream school.

“I’m a little nervous, but just the right amount,” a test taker said.

“Whatever happens, you can always bounce back,” another said.

And this year, for the first time, the graduates are able to say NO to majors they don’t like, even in cases where someone doesn’t score high enough for his or her choices. The new policy ensures they don’t get assigned the major they like least.

“My first choice is Finance, and definitely no physics studies,” one said.

“I would likely to study engineering, and I will not accept arts majors,” another said.

“You could say this generation is the most relaxed,” Yuan Minxiang, Principal of Guangzhou Datong Middle School said. “They grew up in an age where there are so many choices and so many new ways to learn, and they’re definitely more aware of the possibilities out there.”

‘Gaokao’ is a big deal for non-test-takers too. No construction is allowed over these few days. No karaoke in the evenings. Traffic is being controlled, and there is a complete ban on honking – all to ensure the test takers are not disturbed.

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