Full Frame: Lights, Camera, BIG Action!

Full Frame

Hengdian World Studios, located near the city of Dongyang in China’s Zhejian Province, is the largest film studio in the world – with dozens of sound stages and sets on an eight thousand acre lot. Not surprisingly, it has been dubbed “China’s Hollywood”, even though it dwarfs the combined size of Hollywood’s Universal Studios Lot and The Studios at Paramount.

Hundreds of films are shot at Hengdian every year, but it’s not only movie stars and production crews who flock to this extraordinary film mecca. Hengdian World Studios has become a major tourist attraction in China, bringing jobs and prosperity to a once sleepy rural village. And now plans are underway to being high-speed rail and even more development to the region, making Hengdian World Studios a must-see destination in China.

CGTN’s Sean Callebs visited the larger-than-life Hengdian World Studios and was caught up in the whirlwind of creative activity that unfolds in every corner of this magical place.