Yoga Day: Serenity at New York’s Times Square

World Today

Honking horns, neon lights, bustling commuters. Amid the hustle and bustle of New York City, more than 12,000 people have been trying to find inner peace.

CGTN’s Nick Harper has more.

The Times Square yoga is held every year on June 21st. This is its 16th year and it is still drawing first-timers.

These free classes stretch the full five blocks of Times Square, with about 2000 people taking part in each session.

Organizer and long-time yogi Douglass Stewart has seen it grow, as only three people – including himself – participated in the first year.

“It is possible to find that inner stillness with all the distractions that happen in a normal life. This is sort of the metaphor for all of that distraction,” he said, standing at the “crossroad of the world.”

Yet it seemed like peace was possible — as never before has an hour in Times Square been so relaxing.

“I felt at calm, peace, I felt stillness which is weirdness in the midst of all of this commotion and the sirens and everything – it was like I was at the beach,” said one of the participants.