China introducing new nationwide drug rehab program

China 24

Tuesday marks the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.  China has introduced a new rehabilitation system to curb drug use, which as CGTN’s Mark Fontes reports, will focus on areas of the country where other systems have failed.

Chinese drug rehabilitation agencies have stepped up efforts to curb drug use nationally, taking comprehensive, scientific and people friendly measures.

In the past, differences in drug rehab practices across China led to an unbalanced treatment system. Some provinces suffered from a lack of resources, while others offered high-quality treatments.

But now, a new national system looks to level the playing field.

“It will manage and specialize the rehab system,” according to Cao Xuejun from the Ministry of Justice. “For example, we have set up a unified standard for rehab education, medical management and physical training in different regions.”

In order to keep pace with the science-based rehab concept, China continues to explore new technologies and methods to help drug users free themselves from addiction.

Among them are measures such as “trans-cranial magnetic simulation,” and virtual reality addiction assessment.

“When applied, users start to abandon drugs mentally,” Vice Minister of Justice Liu Zhiqiang explained. “We hope these measures play an active role in health recovery, confidence building and anti-relapse efforts.”

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