Young males make up growing market for China’s beauty industry

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Young males make up growing market for China's beauty industry

The beauty industry is big business around the world. And it’s not just women who are driving the market.

Young males are becoming more of a force.

And that’s especially true in China.

CGTN’s Frances Kuo reports.

For Gong Rongjun, his daily routine involves cleaning and moisturizing his skin.  

“I spend 20 to 30 percent of my monthly income on skincare products,” said Gong.  “I might suddenly find a new product I like and decide to give it a try.”

He orders products online after trying samples in stores.

“Those born after 1995 pay more attention to new products, star products and niche brands of independent designers,” explains Huang Haiying, Vice President of Vipshop, a leading online discount retailer. “Sharing merits of the products has become a way of communicating and making buying decisions for them.”

Rongjun is among those changing the face of the beauty industry.

He represents a growing market for companies – young male consumers.

According to consulting firm Euromonitor, the Asia Pacific is the highest market for growth. Chinese business is expected to reach $288 million next year.

That’s twice as fast as the rate worldwide.

Experts attribute the trend to China’s growing generation of wealthy young people, and the softening stigma about well-groomed men.

The demand is not just in skin maintenance but make-up.

French cosmetics giant, L’Oreal Paris, has capitalized on the shift.

It hired Chinese actor and singer Kris Wu to tout its “Men Expert” line of moisturizers and cleansers.

He’s part of a popular wave of young, good-looking male celebrities of the K-pop generation, flaunting a feminine aesthetic.

L’Oreal has also sought help from the Alibaba Innovation Center to find out what men want in their beauty routine.

And clearly, it’s more of the products traditionally reserved for women.

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