A Nobel Prize-winning chemist shares his studies with the world

Americas Now

Dr. Mario Molina of Mexico is one of the most celebrated scientists alive today. He is an atmospheric chemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1995.

Dr. Molina is widely known for convincing world leaders back in the 1980’s to stop chemical pollutants from destroying the ozone layer. He also helped persuade U.S. President Barack Obama, to whom he served as an adviser, to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The current U.S. President pulled out of the Paris deal. But as Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports that move hasn’t polluted Dr. Molina’s optimism.

Dr. Molina is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California at San Diego. He also advises Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students on their academic goals and their future.

Take a look at Mike Kirsch’s report to learn more.