Axe-throwing becomes popular social sport in the US

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Have an axe to grind? Try your hand at axe-throwing. This unique recreational sport of throwing axes at a target is getting popular across the U.S. And in Washington D.C., it’s a trendy activity to do with friends and family.

CGTN’s Connie Lee has the story.

Heads up for high-flying axes! At urban axe-throwing clubs, axes are hurling across the room.

Just like throwing darts, blades are thrown to hit wooden target boards.

One facility, run by Bad Axe Throwing, is a new hang-out spot in Washington D.C.

“Tonight, we are having an adults-only night, leaving the kids at home,” said Jennifer Cushing who, with her husband, came to the club with two other couples. “It’s a good time, doing something fun, something out of the ordinary and different.”

“It’s a blast for a family to do this,” said Jeff who came here with his wife and two adult children.

Bad Axe Throwing is a company that started in Canada, but it is expanding across the U.S.

“We’ve only been a company for four years. But we are one of the biggest axe clubs,” said Omar Cooper, one of the ‘axe coaches’ at Bad Axe Throwing. “This is the 16th location [in the U.S.] to open up for our company. We have two more opening up soon.”

Despite playing with a potential weapon, the officials say it’s a ‘safe sport,’ even allowing participants to drink while they play.

“We have coaches that keep this place a safe atmosphere,” said Cooper. “We’ve had no axe-related accidents, where we had to write up axe-incident reports.”

The coaches say axe-throwing is a sport that anyone can enjoy, and you don’t have to be athletic to hit the bulls-eye.

“There’s no secret technique; it’s just practice,” said Brad Porrone, an axe coach who’s been throwing axes regularly for the past two years. “It’s basically about having good form, and keeping your body nice and straight when you throw the axe.”

Many people are seen using both arms to hurl their axe at the target. And when the axe hits the board and pierces through the wood, there’s a loud satisfying thud that reverberates across the room.

“Throwing an axe and hitting the target right in the center feels pretty awesome,” said Cushing. “I think some people might feel like it’s a good stress-reliever, but, I think it’s a good aggression-reliever, as well.”

And leaving the place injury-free sounds like a good end to a night of throwing axes.