Temporarily reunited families spend part of second day having private lunch

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Temporarily reunited families spend part of second day having private lunch

More emotional scenes as temporarily reunited Korean families spend the second day together, but they only have a day left to reminisce before teary departures as they separate for a second time.

CGTN’s Shane Hahm reports.

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The 89 South Koreans who have been chosen to participate in this round got a chance to spend up to five hours together reuniting with their lost relatives. What’s unique about this round is an hour of a private lunch together in their respective hotel rooms, which was never seen in the past.

Wednesday, will be their final day to say their hellos and their goodbyes,and more scenes of emotion are expected as they separate for a second time. These 89 South Koreans are the lucky few that have been chosen to take part in these rounds. There are more than 57,000 still remaining on a government registry wanting to participate and reconnect with loved ones, but there are still hearing these stories of reconnecting and making up for more than six decades of separation.

“The words we’ve been looking forward to sharing with each other during the separation of over 70 years have been all spoken in the two hours,” said one of the participants. “There can’t be anytime more beautiful than this. We’ve really had a very precious and meaningful time.”

What many are hoping for are that these family reunions can become a regular event. The Unification Ministry in South Korea said in a policy briefing to the National Assembly that more consultations will hopefully be made with DPRK officials to normalize these family reunions because time is running out for the 57,000 South Koreans who are still looking for their long, lost loved ones north of the demilitarized zone.