Surgeons refine operating techniques with VR simulator

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Surgeons refine operating techniques with VR simulator

A virtual operating theater with a virtual patient is letting doctors make mistakes over and over again… realistically.

“What we’ve created is a system to allow surgeons and trainee surgeons to access a simulation and to practice, practice, practice. Normally, the kind of practice they might only get from a cadaver, or a dead body. This is safe, repeatable and reliable,” Chris Scattergood, Co-founder of FundamentalVR said.

This simulator’s big selling point: haptic feedback:

“I can actually feel this drill in my hand here. If I press the button, turn it on and you can see it spinning there. And I can feel that vibrate in my hand,” Scattergood said.

And, for the first time, not prohibitively expensive.

It’s made up of just a VR headset, a PC, and haptic arms.

Surgeons can replace kneecaps, add pins to the spine, and more.