Expo in Tibet showcases best region has to offer in culture and tourism

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Expo in Tibet showcases best region has to offer in culture and tourism

Located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, also known as the Roof of the World, Tibet is a place where many come to seek inner peace. But many people living in the region are eager to go elsewhere to share their  ‘Made In Tibet’ products and techniques.

That is why hundreds of exhibitors have seized the chance at this year’s Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo.

CGTN reporter Wang Mengzhen showed us some of the highlights from the expo.

For visitors, it’s easy to be mesmerized by the hundreds of products on display. However, it’s the Thangka art festival that’s been stealing the spotlight.­ Thangka master Norbu Sethar has been participating in the expo since the very beginning.

“Every time, the expo has offered me an opportunity to promote Thangka art to more people from outside Tibet, as well as to share ideas with other masters around the world,” Sethar  said. “As a Tibetan Thangka inheritor, I feel proud of the art’s growing popularity.”

The expansion of the expo has also provided opportunities for Tibetan start-ups in various fields, including these Tibetan-style fashion brands.

“This is our first time joining the expo, but we’ve already got customers coming to try on our dresses which combine the traditional Tibetan style with modern elements,” Boba Fashion Brand Founder Kangzhu Qingcuo said.

Foreign exhibitors from five countries have also joined the event, hoping this could act as an effective platform to enter the Chinese market. One Nepali businessman says all of his 4,000 carpets were sold at the expo two years ago.

This year, the expo’s theme is about traveling around China’s new Tibet, and protecting the Third Pole of the world. The biennial event is hosted by both Lhasa and Nyingchi.

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