Down clothing maker Bosideng eyes global market

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Down clothing maker Bosideng eyes global marketA model walks the runway for Bosideng during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery I at Spring Studios on September 11, 2018 in New York City.

Bosideng has the global market in sights with New York Fashion Week runway show. 

Down clothing maker Bosideng is a household name in China. In a bid to take its brand global it just launched a runway show at New York Fashion Week. 

CGTN’s Karina Huber reports. 

Bosideng showcased its latest collection of down clothing at New York Fashion Week.

The collection went far beyond your standard ski jackets. It featured floor-length hooded coats and other innovative interpretations of down clothing.

The look was definitely Chinese, but the goal was to appeal to an international audience—an audience that included actors Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner.

Bosideng is the biggest seller of down clothing in China. But outside of China it is relatively unknown. The company hopes that with the help of runway shows like this that will soon change.

While many retail companies are targeting China, one of the world’s fastest growing consumer markets, Bosideng – with more than 7500 retail outlets in China – is looking outside to grow its brand.

“U.S., France, U.K. and Italy are home to the world’s most prestigious fashion weeks. Our show in New York Fashion Week is an important step in our efforts to expand in the global market this year,” said Gao Dekang, Chairman of Bosideng,

Bosideng’s ambitions to grow in the United States comes at a time when the Trump administration seeks to limit imports from China. The company says it isn’t worried.

“U.S.–China trade war hasn’t implicated huge impact on us, because our primary market is still China. But we have already got contingency plans on supply chain to cushion possible effect from the trade frictions,” Mei Dong, executive director of Bosideng said.

Nevertheless, launching in the world’s largest market is always a challenge for foreign brands.

“I think the biggest challenge to us is how to interact with our customers. We set ourselves apart from other brands by our incessant passion and dedication to making down coats. And we hope our customers can know about this,” Rui Jinsong, executive director & senior V.P. at Bosideng said.

With the runway show in New York, the brand is one step closer to accomplishing that goal.