CGTN Series: Beyond the Wall

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CGTN Series: Beyond the Wall

CGTN presents a series marking the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up focusing on on the theme of overcoming numerous walls.

In the four decades of opening up, China has moved from an isolated nation to an economic powerhouse. But many walls still stand in the way, and future success lies in pushing boundaries to go beyond these walls.

CGTN’s Han Bin reports on the challenges facing the government as it works to bring prosperity and sustainable growth to the country.

Not your father’s farm

China is home to one-fifth of the global population, but has only 7 percent of the world’s arable land. In pursuit of its long-standing target of achieving 95 percent self-sufficiency in food grains by 2020, Chinese farms are mechanizing with help from the government. CGTN’s Han Bin has more.

Growing your Future

China has maintained the fastest growth rate of any country over recent decades. Han Bin travels to Shenzhen, China’s first Special Economic Zone, where he meets two entrepreneurs who share their thoughts on creating wealth in China.

Fueling RMB internationalization

China has committed to open its financial markets. One recent breakthrough was the launch of the Shanghai crude oil futures contract earlier this year. It’s the first to allow overseas players, access to China’s commodity futures market. CGTN’s Han Bin reports.

Horse racing

One of China’s latest moves in opening up is the initiative to make all of Hainan, its southernmost province, a free-trade port. The government says it will allow horse racing and new types of sports lotteries take place there to attract tourism and investment. Han Bin reports.

Reporter’s Diary: Danger is my business

China’s integration into the global economy means a growing number of Chinese business leaders and workers are heading overseas. In some cases – that means increasing exposure to potential security risks, and that’s elevated the need for quality security services. As part of our special series Beyond the Wall, CGTN’s Han Bin gets a look at one of China’s leading overseas security firms.

Reporter’s Diary: True grit

Desertification is killing off natural resources and driving people from their homes. In today’s special series Beyond the Wall, CGTN correspondent Han Bin goes to a village in northwest China’s Gansu Province to see how it’s being renovated. And how a new concept of nature may help the country to win its most challenging battle in the long run.

Reporters’ Diary: Cancer in the crosshairs

China has been a follower to western countries in many fields, but it is now promoting its own innovations in the search of a new path for growth. In one area, the biotech industry, Chinese scientists have been pushing to become one of the industry leaders in cell therapy and other evolving bio-technologies, such as gene editing and the early detection and diagnosis of cancer treatment. In today’s special series, “Beyond the Wall”, CGTN correspondent Han Bin met with scientists from central China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Their breakthrough technology may bring fundamental changes to global cancer treatment.

Reporter’s Diary: Driving the EV revolution

China is speeding ahead with developing electric vehicles, that could help solve traffic jams and cut fossil fuel emissions. In this installment of our special series “Beyond the Wall,” CGTN’s Han Bin takes a look at what’s driving these developments.

Reporter’s Diary: A new upward mobility

China’s high speed of development has also brought along challenging problems for its urbanization drive. Pollution and traffic jams are just two of many problems. But new technologies are redefining future transport. Many of the Chinese scientists’ groundbreaking visions and practice may bring a revolutionary change to the cities of the future. They believe urban transport needs a new direction.

Reporter’s Diary: True play

Chinese education has constantly been criticized as rote learning and for a lack of creativity. But one woman has developed a new approach, putting the “players” at its very core. Her approach is a direct challenge to entrenched ideas about how children should learn.

Reporter’s Diary: Getting their kicks

China’s sports industry has grown rapidly over the years, and is expected to be worth five trillion yuan by 2025. Many experts say a change of mind with innovative efforts in product design and growth model are needed to meet the challenges. In today’s special series of Beyond the Wall, CGTN correspondent Han Bin gets a closer look at Kunlun Fight, a Chinese kickboxing promotion whose innovative concept and growth model has helped to make it one of the top sports brands in the world.

Reporter’s Diary: Rainbow rights

Sexual orientation has long been a taboo in China’s public discourse, and those who don’t fit society’s norms have faced discrimination. In this episode, we look at attitudes towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders; LGBT groups. CGTN’s Han Bin finds filed this report where he learned that while there’s growing acceptance of different lifestyles, there’s still a long way to go to break through the walls of social prejudice.

Reporter’s Diary: The way forward

Drug addiction is a worldwide problem, as narcotics become more available and policing becomes more challenging.

Reporter’s Diary: Crusade for justice

China’s reform and opening up has boosted the country’s development of the rule of law and its legal system.

Reporter’s Diary: Up in the air

CGTN’s crew got exclusive access to the unmanned systems at the core of the Chinese military and learned about the change in mindset that triggered these technological breakthroughs.

Reporter’s Diary: Growing with the flow

The Mekong is a trans-border river in Southeast Asia. Many cargo ships often berth at the docks in the river, which is regarded as the “Golden Waterway” for trade. Traffic on the Mekong is likely to see a significant increase as the neighbors expand their trade agreements. A controversial plan to widen the passage has reached a consensus as many believe this region may well hold the biggest opportunity for growth in the region