Assessing the damage of Mexico’s deadly earthquakes … one year later

Americas Now

Mexican rescue teams look for people trapped in the rubble at the Enrique Rebsamen elementary school in Mexico City on September 20, 2017. At least 21 children were killed and about 30 children are still missing at the Enrique Rebsamen elementary school that collapsed in the Mexican capital as rescue efforts are still underway after a powerful earthquake that has killed 217 people. / AFP PHOTO / MARIO VAZQUEZ

Mexico’s capital wasn’t the only area affected by the September 2017 earthquakes. The country’s Central and Southern regions were struck by powerful quakes as well.

Thousands of buildings were toppled. Many others were damaged and have since been demolished. Thousands of residents were also made homeless.

In the midst of the restructuring and recovery effort, allegations of corrupt practices have been emerging.

Political Analyst Laura Carlsen joins anchor Elaine Reyes on the set of “Americas Now” to discuss the accusations of corruption. She also describes the losses suffered by residents outside of Mexico City.