What’s behind the crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions?

World Today

HRW CameroonA covered body on the outskirts of Belo, following early April clashes between security forces and armed separatists in the North West region, April 2018. (Photo courtesy of Human Rights Watch)

Cameroon will hold its presidential election on October 7 amid a spiraling political crisis.

The country has been gripped in violence since late 2016 when English-speaking Cameroonian lawyers and teachers protested against the imposition of French in Anglophone schools and judicial systems.

Cameroon’s forces and armed English-speaking separatists have been clashing in the country’s western regions.

The country’s English-speaking community has long complained of economic and social marginalization, and of being underrepresented in government.

So, what’s behind behind the crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking western regions?