US Latinos could impact the outcome of midterm elections if they vote

Americas Now

Latino voters could make a lasting mark on the upcoming U.S. elections. Correspondent John Zarrella reports from the battleground state of Florida where 30 percent of the population is Hispanic.

November 6th will mark a big day in U.S. politics. That’s when voters head to the polls for the midterm elections. The results could change the balance of power now held by Republicans in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. More than ever before, Hispanic voters may play a pivotal role in what happens.

The amount of money spent by the candidates can also indicate the competitiveness of a race. And in Florida, one of the most expensive political contests in the country is underway. The two candidates have spent nearly 130 million dollars.

Take a look at John Zarrella’s report to see how Latinos in Florida are feeling.