Chileans living in Finland who fled a 1973 military coup

Americas Now

A group of Chileans have been living far from home for decades. Actually, just about as far away as you can get – they’re in Finland.

How they got there and why is fodder for a Hollywood film. In fact, an upcoming miniseries will soon tell their story and that of the man who got them to safety, in the midst of a military coup.

The year was 1973. A rookie Finnish diplomat named Tapani Brotherus gave refuge to hundreds of Chileans as the army took over the streets and hunted down opponents.

Correspondent Gerry Hadden met Brotherus, and the Chileans still there, to hear their incredible story.

The six-part miniseries based on the historical event is called “Invisible Heroes.” It cost over $4 million to make and will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2019.

Watch Gerry Hadden’s report to learn more about the experiences of these Chileans and the political upheaval that forced them to flee.