A new pipeline in China part of efforts to increase natural gas production

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A new pipeline in China part of efforts to increase natural gas production

When it comes to energy sources, China’s domestic production is trying to keep up with demand.

According to Reuters, it’s now the world’s biggest natural gas importer.

But, China is trying to rely less on other countries by making its own supply.

CGTN’s Frances Kuo has more.

A first for China lies underwater in South China’s Hainan Province.

A new project delves deep into a natural gas reserve about 1500 meters below the surface.

“Its main production platform is the semi-submersible drilling rigs, which connect to the underwater production system and transport natural gas to consumers via pipelines,” explained Xie Yuhong, Chief Geologist of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation.

The project recently started a key step in construction – to reach an estimated gas reserve of more than 100 billion cubic meters.

The move follows a record set last year for shale gas production by a single well in southwest Fuling.

It was enough to power a city of 4 million for an entire year.  The area is said to be the world’s second largest with even more potential reserves lying nearby.

“From the upper reaches of the Yangtze, all the way to its middle reaches and downstream areas, we have found large deposits of shale gas. We think new exploration and development bases can tap into them,” said Yu Haifeng, Director of the Geological Exploration Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources.

China has been turning more to natural gas as an energy source, because it’s environmentally friendly.  Though a fossil fuel, it still emits less carbon dioxide than other energy sources like coal and oil.

Back in Hainan Province, the goal is to have the pipelines operational by the end of 2020, producing up to 3.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.

It’s all part of China’s national plan for green growth and clearing the air.

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