Chinese company brings AI imaging to major medical conference

China 24

More than 50,000 business insiders and medical researchers are in Chicago this week for the world’s largest international radiological conference. Some 50 Chinese enterprises, including one start-up company, are also attending the event. CGTN’s Yunjie Zhao has more.

High-tech is on full display at this year’s Radiological Society of North America conference in Chicago. Well-known medical manufacturers from around the world have brought their most advanced products, many featuring big data and artificial intelligence to assist and improve medical diagnoses.

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare is one of them. The newcomer is showcasing its latest medical imaging system, called Explorer. It took United Imaging years of research and development.

Explorer is now one of the world’s most advanced systems.

“Explorer is two-meters long. Most of the nuclear medicine imaging systems in the current market only have a vision of 20 centimeters,” according to Bao Jun, United Imaging’s senior vice president. “That means by using our system, medical staff can do three-dimentional and dynamic scanning on a whole human body in one take.”

The company says it will work with global radiologists and physicians to better understand their needs and challenges.

United Imaging and other businesses in China have been tapping into the potential of artificial intelligence to transform the healthcare industry.