Cuba Launches 3G Mobile Network

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Cuba Launches 3G Mobile Network

Cuba launched a 3G mobile network over the weekend to meet a long-time local demand, though the people still consider prices too high for the average pockets.

CGTN’s Luis Chirino reports.

Most people here use the internet to visit social networks and to keep in touch with their relatives abroad.

The new 3G service offers monthly packages from 600 megabytes to 4 Gigas at prices ranging from the equivalent of about $7 up to $30. It’s a steep cost when you consider that the average state salary here is about $30 a month.

Hopes are that as Cuba continues to develop and upgrade its infrastructure, prices will come down and 3G will become more affordable to average workers.

Cuban authorities are aware of the social and economic  benefits of providing full internet access to the island, and significant upgrades and new services  are planned for next year.