COP24 deal unites nearly 200 nations on rules for Paris climate Accord

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Smoke billows from a chimney of the Solvay factory for production and processing of plastic materials, in Ospiate, near Milan, Italy, Friday, Dec. 14, 2018. The climate change conference, COP24, is closing today in Katowice, Poland. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

After nearly two weeks of talks, the U.N. climate conference in Poland has concluded. Nearly 200 nations have agreed on a set of rules governing the 2015 Paris Accord. But does it go far enough?

The U.N. conference on climate change hosted in Katowice, Poland was supposed to finish by Friday, but disagreements over emissions and funding sent talks into overtime.

CGTN’s Joshua Cartwright reports.

Poorer nations more vulnerable to climate change wanted more financing to help them meet their climate goals – and insisted that developed countries cut their emissions even further.

Delegates worked through the night, trying to hammer out details and come to a compromise.

Talks continued to drag on Saturday, until finally, around 10pm local time, diplomats and ministers from 195 nations reached agreement, and the deal was gaveled in.

The agreement provides a non-binding framework for reporting emissions and providing funding for climate action. But critics, conference participants, and scientists say it isn’t enough.

Recent reports on global warming have found that the situation is more dire than initially thought, and that carbon dioxide emissions need to drop sharply by 2030 in order to avoid climate catastrophe.

But more ambitious proposals to combat global warming were put off until next year at the earliest.