Math genius turned Congresswoman addresses education inequality in Brazil

Americas Now

Congresswoman Tabata Amaral.

Tabata Amaral is a math prodigy who grew up on the peripheries of Sao Paulo. She won a scholarship to a private school and represented Brazil in several international Science Olympiads. That led to a scholarship to Harvard University in the United States.

After graduating with a degree in political science and astrophysics, Tabata returned to Brazil to improve the quality of education. On top of all that, she’s become a politician who has just been elected to the National Congress.

Just 14 % of those elected to Brazil’s new Congress are women. Tabata is 25 years old and has no prior political experience. She will not be the youngest Congresswoman in the lower house however. That honor goes to 22-year-old Luiza Canziani from Paraná state.

Watch the “Americas Now” interview with Tabata Amaral here.