CES 2019: What to expect from the world’s largest consumer electronics show


CES 2019: What to expect from the world's largest consumer electronics show

The world’s largest consumer electronics show CES is getting underway in Las Vegas.  CGTN’s Mark Niu got a sneak peek ahead of its open on Tuesday, and so far on this media day, Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a dominant theme.

Chinese appliance and electronics company Hisense increased sales by 63 percent last year and was the fastest growing TV brand of the top six TV brands in the U.S.

In the face of an uncertain trade war that could increase prices, the company remains confident it’s on track to gain share in the largest TV market in the world – the U.S.

“Hisense has expanded its manufacturing capabilities around the world. We have our largest TV factory outside of China located in Rosarito, Mexico. We’re focused really on delivering the best quality product. And we believe that we will do so regardless of one policy or another”, said David Gold, V.P. of Consumer Electronics Hisense USA.

Hisense unveiled three new Quantum Dot-technology TV’s for the U.S. market and a 254-centimeter TriChroma Laser TV.

All of these new models contain artificial intelligence chips.

Gold further explained: “Our AI algorithms can basically detect what you are watching and automatically improve the viewing experience. For sports for example, it will detect that you are watching sports and improve the motion rate, it will make it smoother. Versus a movie experience where the TV will detect the movie at 24 frames per second and then will make it a more surround sound feeling, the colors slightly more cinematic.”

For South Korean lifestyle and tech company LG, artificial intelligence means allowing home appliances to talk to each other like one vacuum cleaner to another.

LG also introduced new product categories like Home Brew, whereby inserting capsules that contain malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring in as little as two weeks, you can brew beer.

While TV screens have already been getting paper thin, LG introduced a world first a space-saving OLED TV that rolls right out for viewing.

LG also said it will be one of the first to launch a 5G mobile platform this year. With 5G, LG said industry and manufacturing will make massive strides in communication and production capabilities. For consumers, they should be able to download 8k streaming video in seconds and easily play multiplayer games on your mobile phones. I’ll have much more to come for you all week at CES, as literally thousands of new ideas and products will be unveiled. 

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