CES 2019 launches in Las Vegas


CES 2019 launches in Las Vegas

The world’s largest personal tech show – CES – has officially launched today. The grand stage is giving Chinese companies a platform to showcase their new technologies to a global audience.

CGTN’s Mark Niu reports.

Thirteen-to-fourteen percent of the show’s footprint is taken up by Chinese companies.  One of those making waves is the company Royole, which in October, released the world’s first flexible phone. 

It actually has not one, not two but three screens. As crowds marvel at the FlexPai for the first time, the company is showing off its bendable screens in everything from purses to hats. And Royole R&D Director Ze Yuan showed off the flexible keyboard.

“So what we are seeing here is a flexible keyboard that’s literally a full-sized keyboard that is made on top of a film,” said Yuan. “And you can actually just retract it with an electronic motor. It’s under 50 microns. That’s very, very thin.”

At CES, other Chinese startups are proving that AI can be embedded in practically anything with wheels.

For example, the startup ForwardX from Beijing has produced the Ovis smart suitcase. In addition to the self-following suitcase, ForwardX also has a service robot and a lawnmower robot—all driven by A-I.

“We bring the AI brain, the perception, the algorithm and the controlling together,”  said Nicolas Chee, founder and CEO of ForwardX Robotics.  “It can enable different wheeled robots to see the world, understand the space, understand the people.”

Chinese company iFLYTEK is making a splash at CES, by using AI to help machines and devices learn, listen and translate.

Mark asks the Vice President of IFLYTEK Dr. Li Chuangang, a question in through its new Translator 2.0 hand-held gadget, which works offline unlike Google Translate.

Mark asks in English: “Do you think this device will revolutionize communication?”

The device translates the question into Chinese. Dr. Li answers in Chinese, which the device immediately translates into English.

Denis Barrier discusses that latest that some Chinese tech firms have to offer at CES 2019

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