Super Bowl isn’t just about touchdowns: See the latest technology in sports

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With the Super bowl just around the corner, American football is the talk of the sporting world in North America. While the game is steeped in tradition, many believe technology could make the game both safer and more fun to watch. Here’s the latest innovations in sports technology.

CGTN’s Mark Niu reports.

It’s one of America’s most popular sports, but also one of the most dangerous.

Football consistently ranks near the top in concussion incident rates in both adult and youth sports.

Four million concussions occur in sports in the U.S. every year and half of them are undiagnosed.

That’s why Akervall Technologies has unveiled the SISU Sense.

This mouth guard contains a three-axis accelerometer and wireless processor that records when a minor or major impact to the head occurs.

A minor impact happens at a force of 10 G-forces and major ones register over 40 Gs.

A recent study of high school football players found that 10 percent of traumatic head hits registered over 40 Gs.

Professional players can often deliver hits that measure over 100 Gs.

The Sisu Sense mouth guard transmits the captured data via low-energy Bluetooth to a mobile device.

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