Yanfeng Automotive Interiors predicts high tech interiors for autonomous cars

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Yanfeng Automotive Interiors predicts high tech interiors for autonomous cars

Automotive interior supplier Yanfeng made a splash in Silicon Valley by offering its prediction of what the inside of autonomous cars will look like someday. 

CGTN’s Mark Niu hopped in for peek.

In Silicon Valley, the world’s largest automotive interior supplier – Yanfeng has unveiled the “Experience in Motion”.

The Shanghai company believes that in the future, car ownership will decline and people will rely on autonomous ride sharing vehicles.

“You want that vehicle to always be there when you need it. So an autonomous vehicle service can be the answer to that and will be the answer to that. But in addition to that you can now choose the vehicle you need for that specific purpose. It’s like the shoes you pick depending on what you’re going to do. If you are going to play tennis you put on your tennis shoes. If you are going to a nice dinner with your wife you pick different shoes. So with that mindset you will order the vehicle you need for that specific purpose,” Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer, Yanfeng said. 

In Yanfeng’s concept design, the vehicle undergoes UV sanitation before it even reaches the passenger. A palm scan allows access and the car welcomes their arrival.

Phones have a customized place to rest and recharge. Coffee also fits into a sinking cup holder. A bamboo panel serves as a touchscreen.

It allows the rider to control the temperature, and navigate to wherever they need to go.

Riders can also play music through virtual headphones that direct audio to a specific passenger. This technology by the company Noveto allows individual passengers to hear music just for them — without wearing any devices.

For example, one passenger can hear music while the other person can’t. Noveto uses intelligent 3-D sensors to track passengers’ position and focus acoustical energy to their ears.

Riders in the backseat also have a comfortable interactive experience.

There is an integrated display behind the surface, and a camera that basically senses all the movement inside the space.

“We spent a whole year researching the quality of life. So what is it that people value about the quality of life? What’s important to them? And we took those learnings and found that basically people value experience over possessions, and to bring that into the mobility space and design a platform that allows you to have these great experiences,” Tim Shih, V.P. of Research & Design, Yanfeng,

Yanfeng says 70 percent of the innovations in their concept experience are ready to go into production now.  A futuristic car like this could be closer than anyone imagines.